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The School District has partnered with AdventHealth to provide the onsite Center for Employee Health, which opened in April 2016. It is located next to the TECO campus. The Center’s services include: primary care (family practice), same day/next day visits for minor illnesses (urgent care) and chronic disease management, all at one convenient location, open 6 days a week, with no cost to those covered under the District’s Cigna medical plans.

The Center for Employee Health provides services you would normally receive at your primary care (family practice) office and urgent care clinic, in addition to health services that focus on improving your health. Additional services include: preventive care, physical therapy, nutritional counseling, prescription medications, onsite lab testing and x-rays. Workmans’ compensation and occupational medicine is also available at the Center for Employee Health.

Monday – Friday from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m., with Saturday hours from 8 a.m. – 12 noon.
Saturday appointments are for same day/urgent care appointments. Always call the Center for Employee Health at 407-483-5757 for an appointment.

If you are an employee, retiree or their dependents enrolled in one of the District’s medical plan options you will be able to receive services at the Center at zero cost to you. That means your visit is free, plus any of the services you receive under the care of one of our providers at the Center for Employee Health are free. Eligible plans include the LocalPlus, the Wellness LocalPlus and the Wellness Open Access Plus Plan.

Yes, the Center for Employee Health carries basic medications that are commonly prescribed by Family Practice and/or Urgent Care physicians (primary care physician/PCP). If you receive a prescription from a provider at the Center, and the medication is carried in the dispensary, that prescription will be at no cost if you are on the District’s Cigna plan. Available prescriptions will be primarily generic and non-narcotic. Some prescriptions may require you to visit a pharmacy outside the Center and would require a copay. Due to dispensary regulations, the Center is unable to fill prescriptions written from Providers outside of the Center for Employee Health.

If you elected to opt-out of the District’s Cigna plan, yes you may receive care at the Center for Employee Health if you meet each of the following criteria:

a. The employee (and/or) dependent(s) must be eligible for the District’s Cigna plan, and have chosen to opt-out.
b. You must have current health insurance accepted by the Center for Employee Health which covers the services you would be receiving at the Center.

Call the Center for more details as services covered vary depending on the insurance plan.
The District had hoped to make the clinic free to all benefited employees and retirees; however laws and insurance contracts have prohibited us doing so for those employees not on the District’s plan.

In order to offer this benefit, the Board contribution to the Health and Life Insurance Trust Fund used to pay for all medical expenses has increased per employee per year. Offering these services in-house will not only help save money but will also make for healthier employees and healthier family members.

Yes. You are welcome and encouraged to see a physician at the Center for all your primary care (family practice) services. It is important however that you have only one primary care/family practice doctor in order to receive optimum healthcare while reducing potentially duplicate care.

Yes, the Center for Employee Health is another option in addition to your current providers. You can still visit your current doctor as long as he/she is within your network (Cigna’s LocalPlus or Cigna’s Open Access Plus networks; dependent on the plan you chose). However, copays, coinsurance and deductibles still apply if you go to those providers while the Center is at no cost. Your primary care physician will be able to refer you to the Center for these and other services.

Federal law requires that all of your protected health information be kept strictly confidential. This law is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). AdventHealth is responsible for keeping all such information confidential and your information will never be shared with the District. AdventHealth will maintain all your health information in a separate and secure data base. Any occupational health or workers’ compensation care you receive will be the only individually identified information provided to the District.

No. As stated above, the District will only be able to receive information resulting from occupational health and workers’ compensation care you receive.

Lab scripts, (including blood work, urinalysis etc.), are good for one year and yes, we can do them for outside Providers. We offer Lab services Monday – Friday, 7am – 1pm. Always call the Center for an appointment at 407-483- 5757 as we do not take “walk-ins” for Labs. Check your lab script to see if fasting is required, as many tests do not require it. X-rays cannot be done for Providers outside of the Center.